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Rental-Supplier-Special-Effect Combo-Plasma-Ball
Rental-Supplier-Special-Effect Combo-Laser-Machine
Rental-Supplier-Special-Effect Combo-Smoke-Machine
Rental-Supplier-Special-Effect Combo-Volcano-Jet
Rental-Supplier-Special-Effect Combo-comfetti-cannon
Rental-Supplier-Special-Effect Combo-hydraulic-launching

Special Effect Combo Idea

Wonder how special effects can give an impactful launching gimmick for your event? Let’s mix and match special effects to get an astonishing view and experience, swipe right to see how the launching gimmick works!

Wide range of Special Effect to choose from:
1. Hologram fan
2. Plasma ball
3. Hydraulic launch
4. Laser machine
5. Smoke machine
6. Confetti cannon
7. Volcano jet machine

For more event ideas, visit DOREMi Event


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