Category: Event Resources

Event Planning CheckList

3 month before event

  1. Set the event committee
  2. Set the date and location
  3. Assign team and its roles
  4. Identify the event equipment and facilities
  5. Determine overall budget

1 month before event

  1. Make schedule of the event
  2. Advertising & Promotion activities
  3. Get the necessary license
  4. Review and finalize the agenda

2 weeks before event

  1. Hold a rehearsal or site visit
  2. Confirmation on the event equipment, facilities, vendors, etc
  3. Continuous advertising and promotion activities
  4. Final meeting on the event progress

Day of the event

  1. Go as the event agenda
  2. Always communicate among related teams
  3. Practice safety first at all level
  4. Proper clean up at necessary area
  5. Take a lot of pictures!

After the event

  1. Return all loan items
  2. Send a thank you email to the related parties
  3. In -house evaluation on the event performance.