Non Moving Lights

Selection of Par Can, LED Par Can, LED Beam Light, Flood Light, Profile Spot, City Color

Par Can

  • Used in stage, studio and most of entertainment venue around.
  • Effective as area lights, wash light, back light and down light. Also for a variety of entertainment lighting function.

We offer 1 bar of 6 par cans on stand as the standard packages.


Led Par Can

  • Used as lighting cycloramas, top, side or back light.
  • Easy to manage by adjusting the intensity of each LED colour group to get different light 
    output and colours.
  • Also can be adjusted to a single color preference.



  • Best used for stages, clubs & mobile entertainers.
  • Creates exciting lighting effects in various colours by quick sweeping beams.
  • Controlled by its built-in programs.
  • Can be adjusted to a single color preference.


Flood Light

  • Ideal to light up walkways, yards, patios & driveways by creating an inviting exterior visibility.


Profile Spot

  • Spotlight to focus on object, presenter, or scenery as focal point during stage presentation.


City Color

  • Suitable for award show, appreciation night, fashion show or gala dinner.
  • Creates instant and stunning ambience with its built in features.


Strobe Light

A compact yet incredibly bright super strobe fixture which output an intensive bright white light. Bright 1500 Watt strobe with adjustable flash rate (from 1-15 flashes per second), adjustable intensity up to 100%. Linkable to other Wildzap units and controllable from most pulse strobe controllers.

Audience Light

Audience Light brings balanced, bright white light in a variety of options at an incomparable level of intensity for its style.

  • Excellent for for location lighting, audience fill light for television and video, and flood lighting for various film, television, and stage events.
  • ready to bring bright white light to variety of events including concert stages, studios, live event, and production environments.

Fresnal Light

Fresnels are the workhorses of stage lighting and the most common luminaire (light) used on stage.
This light produces a very even light that is soft at the edges and tends to project a soft shadow. Because the edge of the light is soft, it is not absolutely precise and will blend easily with the edges of other Fresnels to give smooth stage coverage. 


Rental charges is based on event requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further assistance or clarifications

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