Sound Console (Mixer)

 Selection og Yamaha and Carvin



Yamaha M7C 48 Digital Mixer

Offers professional performance and features for live sound in a 48- channel system, easy to navigate the analog console.


• 48 mono microphone/line inputs, 4 stereo inputs,  and 3 mini-YGDAI card slots (a total of 56 or 40
mixing channels). 
• 16 mix buses, LCR bus, 8 matrix channels, and 
8 DCAs assignable to 16 omni outputs. 
• Virtual effect and EQ rack: up to 4 simultaneous 
multi-effect processors; up to 8 simultaneous 31-band 
graphic EQs. 
• Centralogic™ interface: central, logical, and intuitive. 
• Dual power modes: use the built in power supply, or 
add an external PW800W power supply unit (optional) 
for failsafe dual-supply operation. 
• Compact and lightweight: 48 channels in the space and weight normally required for 24.


Yamaha LS9 32 Channel Digital Mixer

Compact, light weight, and produce outstanding sonic quality. Also come with USB memory recorder and equalization capabilities.


  • 32-mic/line input 64 channel LS9-32
  • 16-mic/line input 32 channel LS9-16
  • Intuitive interface
  • Extensive channel functionality
  • Mix buses, 8 matrix buses, plus stereo and 
    mono buses with LCR mode
  • USB memory recorder



Yamaha 01V96 Digital Mixer 

The 01V96 fits comfortably in the small-studio space - and budget while delivering sound, capacity, control, and compatibility on a par with much larger consoles. Fast and flexible digital patching. 


  • 24-channel digital mixer with 12 high-performance mic preamps
  • Expandable with ADAT, AES/EBU, TDIF, or analog Mini-YGDAI cards
  • Built-in ADAT I/O
  • Integrated DAW control for Pro Tools, Nuendo, and other software
  • Surround panning capability
  • Balanced stereo main and monitor outputs plus 2-channel coax digital I/O
  • Word clock I/O
  • MIDI I/O


32Channel Soundcraft Analog Mixer

Rich with capabilities and quality character: GB30 mic preamps, reengineered circuit topology and EQ designs, rigid steel chassis, high-quality vertically mounted fiberglass PCB channel strips, individually nutted potentiometers, angled rear panel that allows patching
from the front.


  • 32-channel frame size
  • GB30 mic preamps
  • Precision equalization circuitry
  • Direct outputs on every channel
  • Talkback facility
  • 100mm faders
  • Switchable 48V phantom powering on every channel
  • 18dB/octave high-pass filter
  • 4 mute groups
  • 12-segment LED metering
  • Record output with limiter
  • 2 full-feature stereo channels
  • 2 stereo returns
  • 8 aux sends (4 are pre/post switchable)


Carvin 8 Channel Mixer

Switchmode power supplies to deliver high dynamic power, easy to set up and support two wireless devices. Mixers have premium features, including DSP effects processors with over 256 effects, on-board 
USB power ports and graphic equalizers.


Carvin 12 Channel Mixer

12 channel 1600w powered mixer and RX1200R 12 channel non powered mixer. The 4 power amps deliver 400w at 4 ohms or 300w at 8 ohms each to give the R/L main speakers plenty of clean RMS power while delivering 400 watts to each of the Monitor. Features like the dual channel effects and dual 24 bit processors allow each channel to have two effects. 


  • 5V USB power port for iPods™, MP3 players or USB LED lights 
  • Professional Insert jacks at the push of a button on the first six channels 
  • 12 XLR and 1/4-inch professional input channels with:
  • Mic gain, 3-band EQ , two effects sends, pan, and two monitor sends.
  • +48V Phantom mic power.
  • Stereo inputs on channel 12.
  • Rack mountable into a 5U rack case.
  • Four 7 band Graphic EQ’s for Right, Left, Monitor 1 and Monitor 2.
  • Dual effects units with reverb, delay, chorus and flanger.
  • Optional Internal dual Wireless microphone or belt-pack, UX600 system.

rx1200l-1 1024x1024

Carvin MX640

6 channel mixer with 400w at 2ohms and 300w at 4 ohms. Esay to perform and set up for simple sound system use.


  •  6 XLR Inputs w/Dedicated EQ
  • Effects Send & Return for off Board Effects
  • Master Graphic EQ for Adjusting the Entire Mix
  • Works with 2 4 Ohm Speakers
  • Recorder/Headphone Output


Peavey XR1600D

The Peavey XR 1600D is a stereo powered mixer. The 12-channel mixer features basic digital effects and offers a number of different style inputs and outputs. The amount of power amplification available will depend on whether the speakers attached are 4-ohm or 8-ohm. 

  • Capable of producing 300 watts using a 4-ohm speaker system.
  • 8-ohm speaker system, the amplifier can produce up to 150 watts per channel. 
  • DDT compression and has a dual speed fan for cooling. 
  • offers 32 digital effects. The effects are 16-bit linear PCM encoded with a 95dB minimum signal to noise ratio. The 32 effects are all digital reverberation, or reverb, effects.
  •  There are 13 warm reverbs, 13 bright reverbs, two gated reverbs and two reverse reverbs. 

Peavey XR600E

Incorporating a pair of 600 Watt amplifiers dual 7-band EQ digital. They feature new improved low noise mic preamps, multi point clip sampling and a new subsonic filter to prevent low frequency power robbing. 

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