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Professional Sound System

No event is complete without PA and Sound System as it covers the fundamental of the sound as a whole. We carry variety of PA and Sound System that features easy handling, control, portability as well as supporting set up.

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Professional Sound System (5)

Lighting System

Needles to say, lighting system can enhance your event scenery and its surrounding. For a sheer visibility and intensity, we have moving and non moving lights to help you to create a lively mood at your event. 

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Lighting System (2)

Audio Visual Equipment

Getting attention from your audience is essential when running an event. We offer a wide selection of audio visual equipment that allowed you to communicate your brand alive through visual and sound for a lasting message.

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Audio Visual Equipment (7)

Truss and Stage

The other important element in running an event is to have a solid truss and stage platform. We are equipped to handle any sort of stage and truss design and ensure high entertainment value in return.

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Truss and Stage (7)

Launching Gimmick

Create a stunning moment during your event launching as we offer innovative and cutting edge launching mechanism for joyful experience to the guests.

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Launching Gimmick (10)

Outdoor Equipment

Having outdoor events can be tough and challenging without proper facilities. Worry not, because we supply a mix of outdoor equipments that certainly gives fun, comfort and leisure to the visitors.

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Outdoor Equipment (12)

Musical Instrument

Complete musical instruments for your band. Rock all the way!


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Musical Instrument (6)

Special Effects

You can add on a wow factor at your event with our variety of special effects that makes extravagant presentation in any given period.

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Special Effects (8)

Conference System

We facilitate your conference meeting by providing a full of handy equipment for your team in term of communication, interaction, presentation as well as work station.

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Conference System (14)


Custom ornament and backdrops are becoming trends at any special events. We are excited to personalize your event with the required sets, props and printed image to create memorable impressions.

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Decorations (4)

Furniture & Fitting

Whether you are having a casual event, formal event or party, we have a variety of furniture and fitting to fit the setting.

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Furniture & Fitting (7)